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Turn Any Dream Into
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The Master Course Is Like Getting 3 Courses In One!

What's Stopping You - Lesson 1

What's Stopping You?

Section 1

You will learn how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, and transform any negative thoughts, fears, distractions, and concerns into positive, actionable steps that will pivot you towards the right path for your success!

What's Stopping You:

Includes: 2 Modules, 13 Video Lessons with PDF Slides; 13 Audio Versions; 8 Enrichment Sheets; and 28 Affirmation Cards.

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Let's Build Your Website

Section 2

You will learn brainstorming techniques to devise the perfect plan for your business, AND how to professionally brand your business, build a GORGEOUS website, blog, and an ecommerce store, using the world's most user-friendly website builder tools!

Let's Build Your Website:

Includes: 3 Modules, 31 Video Lessons with PDF Slides, 9 Enrichment Sheets, and 31 Audio Versions on Brainstorming Your Business, Branding Your Business, and Step-By-Step Website Design and Development.

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Let's Promote Your Business

Section 3

From novice to expert: You will soon become an influencer in video marketing, email marketing, and growing your business on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and more for FREE!

Let's Promote Your Business:

Includes: 2 Modules, 26 Video Lessons with PDF Slides and 26 Audio Versions about online multi-media and social media marketing. Also includes Bonus Marketing eBooks and PDF template guides.

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About Me

As a Website Designer, Internet Marketer and a life-long entrepreneur, I have helped thousands grow and promote businesses for more than 24 years.

This is what inspired me to teach others everything I have learned over the years as a professional in the digital marketplace.  I want anyone with a dream and a desire to be able to  enjoy the same opportunities as a business owner that myself and all of my clients enjoy!  “How To Turn Any Dream Into A Business In Just 30 Days,” is more than just a course. It’s a life-changing roadmap and a business kit for novice and experienced business owners alike! It is designed for anyone with a dream. Now, let’s turn your dream into a reality!

Kendra Jonas

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Student Success Stories

What Our Students Say About This Course!
"I tried to build my own website with WordPress and it was so hard and frustrating. I didn't know there was an easier website builder out there! But with your instruction, I was able to build my own website in just a couple of days, and now I'm selling my own educational products. It's been a dream come true. Thank you for everything!"
Tricia Stevens
Student and Educator
"As a retired teacher, I was looking for a side hustle to supplement my retirement income. After I took your course, I was able to turn my side hustle into a business that generates over $10,000+ every single month."
Retired School Teacher
"After graduating from college, I couldn't find a job that would pay enough to live on, so I decided that I needed to start my own business and then I happened to find your course online. I am so glad I did because I now feel optimistic again and I look forward to becoming the life coach that I've always dreamed of."
Alyssa R.
Business Owner
"Wow! I gained so much confidence in my ability to start a business after taking your course. I've grown my distribution business and my net earnings are exploding! Thank you, Kendra."
Lauren P.
"When my wife was pregnant with our son, I bought your course for my wife so she could stay home with our son and work from home. Well, it worked! A few months after that, I was able to quit my job and help my wife with the business, and now we both get to stay home with our son."
Adam M.
Business Owner and Dad
"I never thought I could run my own business. I worked for minimum wage in fast food for most of my life until I discovered your course. I am so happy to say that I make 20 times more than I made before. I know I will never have to work in fast food ever again."
Debby S.
Business Owner
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