5 Steps To Start and Launch A Business In 30 Days

Starting a business may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right mindset and action plan, you can launch your own business in just 30 days. Once you know the formula, starting a business is quick and easy. Below are the necessary steps of what it takes to turn any dream into a reality:


1.     Pursue Your Passion: Identify the things you love to do and determine how you can turn that passion into a profitable business. What did you love doing as a kid? What are your current hobbies and interests? What types of books do you like to read? What skills have you acquired over the years that others rely on you to do? With the right combination of skills and passion, you are sitting on a goldmine, because there is no one who can do things exactly like you, and this is the fundamental principle for branding your business, as illustrated in the Linking Higher Academy’s Branding Your Business section.

2.     Define Your Niche: Narrow down your target audience and identify your unique selling proposition (USP) to make your business stand out. Determine who your ideal customer is, what their pain points are, and how your product or service can solve their problems better than anyone else. You will learn all about color psychology and easy-to-use software to design an unforgettable logo with the right color scheme for your business to make your business really stand out. The Linking Higher Academy’s Branding Your Business section and the Linking Higher Academy Blogging section will show you how to write effective copy the easy way without even having to write the copy yourself!

3.     Research Your Market: Search for competitors by doing Google searches in your desired industry. What is the spin that your competitors are doing with regards to their branding and marketing? What would you do differently that they might be missing? Once you know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can create a unique product or service that meets specific needs of your target audience. Much more is explained about how to spy on your competition, identify trends, brand yourself business effectively, and create a powerful market plan for your business in the Linking Higher Academy Marketing Your Business section.

4.     Build Your Website: Every business needs an online presence. With our easy-to-use drag and drop website builder, building a website couldn’t be easier. The Linking Higher Academy Master Course walks you through everything you need to know about building your website in a step-by-step fashion without having to have any prior website development experience! Your website will be launched and ready to generate sales in just a few days. Want a blog and an ecommerce store? No problem. Our students have not only created their own websites, but they have saved thousands of dollars from not having to hire a web designer or a graphic artist.

5.     Promote Your Business: Announce your launch to the world and start promoting your business to your target audience. There are numerous ways to promote your website business for FREE such as by maximizing all the tools on various social media platforms, which Linking Higher Academy demonstrates in the Promote Your Business section. Email marketing strategies, video marketing, blogging, offline marketing, SEO, and Google My Business marketing are also strategies and tools that are provided in The Linking Higher Academy Master Course.

The benefits of owning your own business are endless, which is why most business owners who have successfully launched their own businesses and never look back. The benefits of not having to clock into a job and work for someone else, the ability to set your own hours, make your own decisions, generate a greater income for yourself and for your family, the freedom to travel, send your kids to college, travel the world, save for retirement, and do what you love is immeasurable. If you have the dream of starting your own business but don’t know where to start, then the Linking Higher Academy Course might be right for you!

 Written By Kendra Jonas

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