Turn Your Dream Into A Business In Just 30 Days

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What's Stopping You?

What's Stopping You?

WHAT YOU GET In This Section:

Do you desire to own your own business but struggle to get started? Are distractions, negative self talk, and fear of failure getting in your way? Do you have time constraints and financial concerns that prevent you from finding creative ways to start your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course section was made just for you!  Modules 1 and 2 – Include 13 Video Lessons, 13 PDF Slides, and 13 Accompanying Audio Files, with 8 Enrichment Sheets; to help you adopt and maintain a winning entrepreneurial mindset no matter what circumstances you have faced in the past!


Module 1 – Welcome To This Course: 

Lesson 1 – Welcome To This Course
Lesson 2 – Four Common Myths About Business Ownership
Lesson 3 – Why You Need This Course
Lesson 4 – Why I Created This Course
Lesson 5 – What You Will Learn In This Course


Module 2 – What’s Stopping You? 

Lesson 1 – What’s Stopping You?
Lesson 2 – Where Do Self Sabotaging Behaviors Come From?
Lesson 3 – Do Your Beliefs Cause Self Sabotaging Behavior?
Lesson 4 – How To Identify Sabotaging Thoughts
Lesson 5 – How To Overcome Sabotaging Thoughts and Behaviors
Lesson 6 – Using Positive Affirmations To Achieve Higher States of Consciousness
Lesson 7 – Four Steps To A Winning Faith-Based Mindset
Lesson 8 – Using Fear and Adversities to Propel You Forward

WHAT YOU GET In This Section:

Even if you don’t know the first thing about building a website or branding your business, this section will show you step-by-step how to design a GORGEOUS website, with our user-friendly, professional drag and drop website builder! Click here to see some examples of websites that were created in less than a day using this same website builder. By the end of this course, you will have taken all the necessary steps required to brand your business and meet the specific needs and pain points of your audience. Plus you will save thousands of dollars not having to hire a web designer or a corporate identity designer to create your website and brand your business. In this section, we cut right to the chase. In less than 5 hours, you will learn what college-level graphic designers can do after 4 years of college with our self-paced accelerated course.

Let's Build Your Website!

Let's Build Your Website

Modules 3, 4 and 5 – Includes 31 Video Lessons, 31 PDF Slides, and 31 Accompanying Audio Files, with 10 Enrichment Sheets; to take you step-by-step how to build your own website and brand your business!

Module 3 – Brainstorming and Setting Up Your Action Plan:

Lesson 1 – Discover Your What
Lesson 2 – Discover Your Niche
Lesson 3 – Discover Your Why
Lesson 4 – Commit To The Three P’s
Lesson 5 – How To Enter Into The Flow State
Lesson 6 – Setting Your Environment Up For Success
Lesson 7 – Planting The Seed With Your Future Self
Lesson 8 – Naming Your Business
Lesson 9 – Important Business Naming Tools
Lesson 10 – Setting Up A Free Business Email
Lesson 11 – Writing Your Mission Statement

Module 4 – Branding Your Business:

Lesson 1 – Intro To Branding
Lesson 2 – Writing Your Tagline
Lesson 3 – The Power of your Logo
Lesson 4 – Entry Level Logo Design
Lesson 5 – Advanced Logo Design
Lesson 6 – Business Card Design

Module 5  – Designing Your Website

Lesson 1 – Tech Talk: Let’s Build Your Website
Lesson 2 – 4 Tips To Create A Stunning Website
Lesson 3 – Choosing Your Website Template
Lesson 4 – Installing Your Logo and Building Your Navigation
Lesson 5 – Create Your Website’s Header
Lesson 6 – Adding Content and Building Links
Lesson 7 – Building The Service Pages
Lesson 8 – Building The About Us Page
Lesson 9 – Creating The Contact & Subscription Forms
Lesson 10 – FAQ’s and Testimonials
Lesson 11 – Creating The Footer
Lesson 12 –  Create The Favicon & Launching That Website
Lesson 13 – Review – Build Your Website In 13 Minutes
Lesson 14 – Building An eCommerce Store

Let's Promote Your business!

Let's Promote Your Business

WHAT YOU GET In This Section:

“Let’s Promote Your Business,” comes with 26 lessons that will guide you from being a complete novice to an EXPERT in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), getting published on Google My Business, video marketing, blogging, email marketing, and using FREE social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LInkedIn to grow your business. This powerful marketing course comes with DM templates, a social media events calendar, and a bonus eBook called, “30 Ways To Promote Your Business Offline.” There has never been a more complete marketing course for beginners.  


Module 6 – Let’s Promote Your Business: 

Lesson 1 – Intro To Marketing 
Lesson 2 – The 5 P’s Of Successful Marketing
Lesson 3 – Making Your Website SEO Friendly
Lesson 4 – Google Algorithm Secrets Reveals With Local SEO
Lesson 5 – Five Reasons Why Blogging Is So Important
Lesson 6 – The Non-Writers Guide To Blogging 20 Min Per Week
Lesson 7 – How To Set Up A Blog In Just 10 Minutes
Lesson 8 – How To Record Professional Videos For Your Business
Lesson 9 – How To Edit And Publish Your Videos To Any Social Media Channel


Lesson 10 – Getting Started With TikTok
Lesson 11 – TikTok Success Tips & Videos That Go Viral
Lesson 12 – Let’s Create Your Facebook Business Page
Lesson 13 – Four Tips For Promoting Your Business On Facebook
Lesson 14 – Getting Started With Instagram
Lesson 15 – How To Get Your First 500 Instagram Followers
Lesson 16 – Twitter Marketing Secrets Revealed
Lesson 17 – 6 Networking Tips To Grow Your Audience On LinkedIn
Lesson 18 – Five Ways To Get Unlimited Content For Your Posts
Lesson 19 – Simple Hacks To Explode Your Visitor Traffic

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes! “Turn Any Dream Into A Business In Just 30 Days,” is designed for anyone who simply has a desire to start and own their own business. 

Most other courses are skimpy and don’t provide enough information, and this is the only course of its kind that will walk a complete beginner through all the necessary steps of website business creation from A-Z. Don’t let the lesson titles intimidate you! This course is designed for complete beginners. And this course is self-paced too. Those who have dedicated just one hour a day towards developing their business have been successful with this course.

That is perfectly fine! Our course is divided into easy to navigate modules so you can easily find the content you need right away. For those who already own a website, there is always more to learn about efficiently running a business and that is why this course has been very helpful for BOTH beginners and already-established business owners.

If you have any problems accessing the information in the course, please contact support@linkinghigher.com.

I am certain you will LOVE this course and that you will find success with it, but if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied after reviewing the Master Course, let me know within 7 days after your purchase, and you will receive a full refund!