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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes! “Turn Any Dream Into A Business In Just 30 Days,” is designed for anyone who simply has a desire to start and own their own business. 

Most other courses are skimpy and don’t provide enough information, and this is the only course of its kind that will walk a complete beginner through all the necessary steps of website business creation from A-Z. Don’t let the lesson titles intimidate you! This course is designed for complete beginners. And this course is self-paced too. Those who have dedicated just one hour a day towards developing their business have been successful with this course.

That is perfectly fine! Our course is divided into easy to navigate modules so you can easily find the content you need right away. For those who already own a website, there is always more to learn about efficiently running a business and that is why this course has been very helpful for BOTH beginners and already-established business owners.

If you have any problems accessing the information in the course or understanding any of the content, please contact We are happy to assist you with any concerns or issues. Your digital course is immediately accessible and cannot be returned for a refund. But we are here to assist you 24/7 should you ever need anything. We are always here to support you on your journey.

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